TOP Hoteliers has a high degree of core values.

We strive to be the most respected and recognized professional hospitality recruiters in Greater China.

Our service consists of introducing suitable & qualified candidates to our clients who have a vacancy to be filled. We are not ‘head hunters’ who approach potential candidates. Candidates have contacted us and entrust us with their details. Clients have asked us to do a search. All our jobs are ‘hard assignments’, meaning that we only search candidates for positions that were given to us by assignment of the client. A client has thus an agreement with us to conduct a search, with disclosure of full details such as candidate profile, job description, salary budget and other benefits and all other relevant details in order to present a selection of most suitable candidates.

What does it take to be a TOP Hoteliers candidate?

We only represent candidates who have entrusted us with their full resume and relevant details. A resume is never presented to a potential employer without contacting the candidate first to see if they are interested and available. And a resume will only be presented after verifying certain crucial and important details. Our consultants strive to keep a candidate informed about the application process, whether they have been selected by a client for further interviewing. Our consultants will use their experience to estimate whether a candidate has a feasible chance to be considered by our client, based on the client’s needs and availability of other candidates for the job. We find people for jobs, not jobs for people. Part of our core value as service-oriented professionals is that every candidate-applicant gets a personal reply and indication whether their resume can and will be considered for current and/or future positions we may have. There is no fee charge for candidates to submit their resume to us.

Our credo is: ‘In touch with Hoteliers’.  Every month a location somewhere in Asia is visited.

In touch with Hoteliers

What does it take to be a TOP Hoteliers client?

We work with almost all the hotel management companies present in China, several F&B Management companies, as well as with Hotel Owning Companies and Tourism & Hospitality related clents in Greater China. In order to receive candidates for a vacancy we will need a written agreement with your company. We may already have a wider group agreement with the company your property belongs to. Before starting a search we achieve to receive full details on the position, as well as some useful background information. Our consultants will not just send you resumes immediately to consider, but suitable candidates need to be contacted first to gauge their interest and details on those candidates may need some verification before presenting to a client. Only candidates who are considered suitable and have indicated interest will be presented. We strive to present a candidate to one client at a time only and therefore expect a timely follow up whether a client has interest in a candidate.

It is not our objective to fill every vacancy we have, regardless. We strive to find the best possible candidate for our client and a suitable position for our candidates. Satisfied clients and candidates are our best advertisement.

The TOP Hoteliers Quality Assurance

Our clients naturally expect us to present suitable candidates whose background and career history has been thoroughly checked and detailed, according to the client’s expectations. What many clients and candidates may not realize is that we equally screen our existing and potential clients for their suitability and attractiveness to employ TOP Hotelier candidates.

As a first criteria, we only work with hotels and hospitality related companies that have a thorough understanding of our role as a recruiter. Essential thereby is that our client will sign an agreement with us stipulating their commitment to us. It may not mean we are the only & exclusive recruiter for this hotel/job, but at least we have a direct request and negotiated details with our client prior to starting a search. All our jobs are ‘hard assignments’ meaning that we have a signed agreement with the hotel property, or the larger company they belong to, to be recruiting on their behalf. Further, we only work on jobs given to us in direct assignment with a detailed job description, salary budget and further essential details.

Whenever we are contacted by a new potential client that we hitherto have not worked before we will make efforts to research their reputation and standing in the market as an employer, as a company, and of their credibility of being the sort of company they claim to be. This goes beyond a look at the website of the hotel and often includes a site visit and/or a check with hoteliers that we know to work for, or have worked for this company. Whereas we do work with almost all the international hotel companies active in China, we do have a fairly good clientele among local and free-standing hotels, or hospitality providers such as restaurant groups, hotel real-estate owners, Private Clubs, Catering Companies, Luxury Travel Agencies and other hospitality related companies. Whenever we represent a hotel that may not be a world-famous name, but a local player, we are confident that this hotel has passed our own scrutiny to be a company worth asking our candidates to be interested in. In our business we rather work with 50 esteemed clients who know us and we know them, than working with 500 clients who we are not to sure about.

Overall we are fair and just to estimate our clients’ potential attractiveness to the type of employees they wish to attract. In the end, we always contact candidates to gauge their interest in a job and it is the candidate who has to first show interest in the job we may have on offer with our clients.

Screening our clients before engaging in a search assignment for them, not engaging in searches for jobs we only hear about through the grapevine or read about in the media, and foregoing the opportunity to recruit for a company not serious enough to sign a direct agreement with us and/or provide us with detailed information about the profile they are looking for is our serious commitment to our candidates that the jobs we have are for real and worth considering. Recruiting for a local company that may not be world-famous is our guarantee to our candidates that this company has passed our own Quality Assurance testing.

Needless to say that our judgment on the quality of our clients as a company to recruit for with confidence is open to review and adjustment continuously.

The TOP Hoteliers Team