Hiring key executives for your organization is no small matter. Most organizations rely on the HR department to review applicants and to source for potential new hires. Recruitment is a specialized discipline within HR, for which some organizations have specific recruitment managers. When it comes to rank & file hiring, this is a daily routine of processing the applications. Recruiting for (Senior) management, especially for specific disciplines is not a routine matter for most HR officers. For a Search Firm like TOP Hoteliers, it is. Recruiting is the only thing we do, for over a decade. We are always looking for specific profiles, and reviewing potentials daily. We do so not for today’s need of 1 client but for the overall need of the industry, in our region, on a long term basis.

TOP Hoteliers does not advertise vacancies on any third-party websites, and we refrain from cold-calling. We do not solicit resumes but thanks to over a decade of presence in the market, rely instead of hotelier-to-hotelier recommendation which ensures that we do get new & fresh applicants weekly, who are then screened for long-term suitability to be in our database.

What we offer

A search firm like TOP Hoteliers provides you with a faster overview of eligible candidates, avoiding that you have to go through applicants who do not match the criteria, or who seem potential at first but at further looking, turn out not to be right. What we do for our clients is more than just providing a stack of resumes, just like what a hotel offers is more than just a bed to sleep in. The added-value of our services comes from all that is done around the basic provision of a product or service that you can obtain via many other channels. Recruitment is what we do, and the presentation of resumes constitutes only 10% of our time spent on the job. Meeting hoteliers in the field, being ‘in touch with hoteliers’ and maintaining our database to a high-degree of relevance, detailing out registered resumes and doing other things that gives us insights in the market is time-consuming but something we can do as this is our core business, and something your designated HR or Recruitment Specialist probably can’t possibly do.

We have direct access to a pool of about 10.000 pre-selected and detailed potential candidates which are relevant to our clientele. Rather than mass-contacting this entire database, we work at a principle of identifying a potential audience to contact directly for a vacancy between 10 – 50 individuals on who we already know key data such as salary expectation, family status, mobility, besides their technical ability and career-thus-far details.


From a targeted audience contacted for the job opportunity, we can present those 1-10 candidates that have replied with interest, after first making sure their details are up-to-date, and shortlisting also among those interested, the ones most likely to get the job offer, and to accept the job offer for presentation to our clients. Our candidate resumes always come with relevant detail on the person behind the resume. Candidates presented have confirmed their interest, have already accepted the salary range given, and are aware of where the job is located and have no issues with this location. Using TOP Hoteliers as a source can be done in co-junction with your own recruitment efforts. It is seldom a matter of relying on us only, but rather a matter of spreading your options, and choosing from the best available candidates.


Working with a pre-registered database, versus advertising or cold-calling ensures that we have historic data on candidates, and have been in touch with candidates over the many years. This ensures that we can detect anomalies in resumes, when jobs are left out, or gaps appear, or any other unusual circumstances in a career are backed up by due verification. Managers we place into jobs today may have been in touch with us for many years. We have followed their careers, witnessed when they made great moves, or supported them also when they had a hard time. This builds a trust between us and the candidates, and candidates expect us to contact them only for job opportunities that make sense to them, as a next possible move. When it comes to reference checking we have a time-tested method, that goes beyond a simple ‘call’ to ask ‘if somebody is any good?’. The hospitality industry can be a small world sometimes and it is not uncommon that for 1 candidate, we would know 4-5 past direct supervisors, or colleagues, who are also in our database.

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We offer our clients guidance in how to position a search, and what the market realities are. Given the growth of the hotel industry and the challenges when it comes to talent, there are many cases where it is a candidates market. In situations where great candidates have choices, we have to be realistic towards the client in what they can expect from us. Dealing with similar cases, or having dealt with similar situations before, we can rely on years of experience. Experience that a property HR or a Regional / Corporate HR may not have, when it comes to certain locations, is one example of where TOP Hoteliers can look back at hiring trends, and common mistakes made by other hotels in the same location, or challenges not expected by the client, but already experienced by us before. We actively work with the clients to determine the search criteria, or to identify key details needed, before we start contacting potentials. On the applicants side, simply by being 100% focused on recruitment for a specific industry and a (defined) geographical area, we know which questions to ask when candidates submit their resumes, and / or express interest in a job. Needless to say that years of practice also makes us better adept to spot unusual things in resumes, read between the lines, and ask further on critical matters, essential for the success of being hired, and staying in the position, beyond the usual technical questions if somebody can do the job, technically.

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Our insights and opinions are free-of-charge. TOP Hoteliers is without doubt uncontested in its experience in dealing with the China market. Not only were we the first specialized hotel recruitment firm in the People’s Republic of China, but since 2004 we have spent much time and effort visiting a different city every month, to familiarize ourselves with cities, regions, locations and the level of development, the presence of various hotels and to speak with hoteliers working in such locations. When it comes to the rest of Asia, we are confident that we also have sufficient exposure, visited many countries and places. Due to this we have invaluable market information and insights, based on what hoteliers shared with us, or by own direct experience. We can look back at the 10-year history of a hotel or a location and see who worked there, how long they stayed, and why they left. Obviously, trends can be observed this way, as well as changes over time. All this helps to recruit not just the technically qualified candidates, but rather those who will come and stay in the job long enough to make a difference.

Outsourcing your Talent Search is not a luxury

Most managers and hotel owners will need little explanation that outsourcing certain specific tasks is a money-saver in the long run. Your organization can do a limited scope of tasks in-house, can attempt to do things by own trial-and-error but some activities are simply done better and more cost-efficient, when left to a professional. Whether you decide to outsource your Hotel Laundry, engage an architect for interior design, a professional firm that maintains the hotel gardens, or outsource copy-writing and designing advertising and printed hotel collateral is a management decision that is taken by weighing the cost against the time needed to do it in-house, and the expected quality you can deliver. In the case of using our Recruitment Services, you can in any case outsource the search with us, while still continuing your in-house effort as well. We are confident that we can deliver good options for you to choose from. After all, we manage to get our candidates into new jobs every month. The real value for money however does not come from the mere filling of positions, but when we see that our recruits have an on average longer stay in the job, than direct recruits by hotels via internal sources, or from advertising jobs on websites.

‘The right person for the right job’ is an often used slogan by many search firms. At TOP Hoteliers we truly believe in this, by selecting candidates rather on their ability to cope with a location, regional experience and long-term career plan (often combined with personal & family needs) rather than on purely job-technical grounds. To do this, one must know the candidate for a longer period and one must also know the jobs available beyond the standard job description.