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Starting from 2015, we no longer post vacancies on our website. TOP Hoteliers recruits directly from a registered- and well-maintained database of hotel professionals who have pre-registered with us. Over the past decade we have built up a solid contact base representing over 15.000 hoteliers in the region we recruit for. This way we no longer need to cold-call or put adds on websites collect resumes for current jobs so as to provide our clients with candidates. We have always taken a long-term approach. The candidates we present to our clients are seldom resumes we just collected but rather individuals who we have known for many years.

When you become a TOP Hoteliers candidate

Our aim is to form a long-term relationship with you. While we find people for jobs, not jobs for be people we are not just lead by the clients’ request only. The match between future employers and their employees has to benefit both, in the long term. Therefore doing a proper intake to determine not only a candidates technical ability to management roles, but also personal situations, mobility, desired next steps in a career or future locations, as well as salary expectations form part of the pre-selection on who gets contacted for a job opportunity.

We support you with every step on your career ladder and offer advice on next steps to make by learning to understand your professional goals, wishes and interests. These have to be matched by realistic opportunities if & when they occur. A job opportunity sent to you by us would always come with a great amount of detail, and we will also fairly discuss with you potential obstacles or challenges of a next position, the employer or the location.

TOP Hoteliers is not a job agency. When you register with us, we may or may not have the right opportunity for you, right away. The candidates we place in a job today, may have registered with us up to 10 years ago. We do our best to stay in touch with hoteliers and also love to hear from them about updates, moves and other worth-knowing changes in their career, or even personal life. We maintain our database with precision and vigor.

At all stages, confidentiality is a matter of course for you and us: we only recommend you to a potential employer with your explicit permission.

What you can expect

Your potential application by submitting your resume first-time, or sending us an update, is always replied to, regardless if we have immediate opportunities, or not.

Our objective is not to get as many resumes as possible, so there is a proper intake process and pre-screening before a resume enters our database. Not all resumes end up in our database. If we believe you aren’t the likely candidate for our clients, we shall let you know and explain also why we believe it to be the case. Our database cannot be accessed from outside.

Once we get to know you, via the intake & registration  it is our objective to stay in touch and let you know when a potential opportunity arises. This builds the foundation for a long-term relationship and you may get some useful suggestions for improving your resume, or what direction your career should take.


Understanding of your personal needs and fine-tuning of your career objectives happens over time, and when the opportunity arises we may meet you in person at your current or future place of work.

All that makes that in time we get to know our candidates better than just the resume that represents your career and personal details. Our clients love working with TOP Hoteliers because the candidates we represent are hoteliers we’ve been in touch with, before the vacancy occurred.

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Your experience as a TOP Hoteliers candidate

We do not post job adds, or cold-call, so once your resume is entered into our database it is because we have feasible reason to believe we shall contact you regularly, to send you job opportunities you want to know about

When you express interest in an opportunity we send to you, we may at first want to check if the details we have on you are still up-to-date and / or require some updating or fine-tuning.

While we may not disclose the exact client name to you at this first stage, we base contacting you on the believe the job would interest you, and is a based on your current status a realistic opportunity you would want to pursue.

Meticulously detailing your resume and / or updating facts about you and your recent career moves helps us to present you as a candidate, in the best possible way.

Once your resume is submitted, we will keep you informed on the progress, whether your resume is selected by the client for interviews, or not.

You will always be pre-notified when you are going to have an interview, and our clients only receive your contact details after we have notified you. This way you will have time to prepare yourself and know who is going to contact you when, and what for.

The employer most of the time directly engaging with you through the various steps. TOP Hoteliers will stay in touch and check on status on the progress with both the candidate and our client and will answer questions or give advice during the process so as to come to a mutually agreed hire & acceptance of the new employment.

Before- and after on-boarding we will be in touch with you, and once into employment we also touch  base regularly with  both you and your new employer.

And we follow a strict procedure on that, which is explained in our policy

When you are hired by our client, we keep your resume in file for the future and we remain in touch. For the period of 12 months we will not be able to send you new / other job opportunities, unless you resign the position or get terminated in which case we shall first see what happened there, and what were the reasons for this.

Overall we are happy to see our candidates placed into a job with our clients for many years to come. It is not our objective to move you on immediately, when the 12 months have passed.  We believe it is at all times the employers responsibility to keep you with them, for a long term career.

Our policies on reference checking Download!

Other things to know as a TOP Hoteliers candidate

Due to the nature of our job we know a lot of hoteliers and a lot of hoteliers know us. Naturally it is possible that we know your current employer, or people who you work with now. They will never be contacted by us, regarding you as a potential candidate.

Job opportunities are always sent to a private e-mail address.. Never to your company e-mail address.

This means that while you are an applicant for a particular job with us,  we follow through with you on that. At any time you can of course withdraw your candidacy, and you are free to apply for other jobs elsewhere. In the case that we feel your candidacy for 1 job is not moving ahead, or it is unlikely that you would be the final candidate,  we can advise you to withdraw, so as to pursue another opportunity with us, if that one appears to be a better match.

There are no charges for candidates to be registered, to be presented by us for opportunities and to finally land a next job via us.

Our policy on candidate presentation Download!

And lastly; trust, honesty & transparency

We do our best to send you matching opportunities. No person is the same, and no job is the same. While the recruitment process normally follows a standard procedure of steps to take, each search we perform may take a unique direction. We are dependent also on the clients’ speed of processing and decision making on who to interview, who to hire. We are open and transparent about it, and guide you through it. It is in our, your and in the future employers interest to discuss obstacles or concerns, in advance. We appreciate from the candidates the same open and transparent behavior.

As we work with pre-registered candidates and require regular updates, we do not mind if there was a time in your career when you made a wrong move. Whether you resigned somewhere or got terminated is not very relevant information to us but we do want to know where you where, when gaps appear to be in your resume, or dates and places you worked before do not add up, or contradict earlier information we had.

If during a recruitment process you change your mind, or you have other job offers ongoing, or there are any other changes in your situation that may affect your successful hire into the job, we like to be kept informed.

It is not our objective to fill every vacancy we may have, nor is it possible for us to place every candidate we have in our database. For the long-term relation with both clients and candidates it is adamant that we care about making the right match in the first place. For both the employer and the employee. TOP Hoteliers has a good track record of happy clients and candidates due to placements, at sometimes very difficult locations, where both employer and employee can look back on it years later, as the right move, the right candidate, the right match.