About Us

Top Hoteliers was founded in 2004 with a first office in Shenzhen, China. It made us the first dedicated Hospitality Recruiter based in China, at that time a booming new market, with many new hotel openings in the run up to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Our focus was on ‘Greater China’ which included China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & Singapore. From 2004 to 2008 we operated under the name of HES Global – Greater China, a franchise. In June 2008 we started to operate under the name TOP Hoteliers. Further branches were opened in Hong Kong (2005), Beijing (2007) and Shanghai (2009). At this time TOP Hoteliers consisted of 18 recruiters, familiar with the region. From 2015, the founder of TOP Hoteliers René Schillings went ‘solo’, now operating more dedicated and focused with a more selected database and clientele, keeping Hong Kong as his base, while retaining a presence in the PR China via a sub-office in Shenzhen.

While the focus and presence on China remains, TOP Hoteliers has gained valuable contacts in the rest of Asia, thanks to hotelier contacts who moved through China to other regions. Today we also recruit for locations like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Japan

Being Hoteliers

The approach to recruit the right person for the right position is fundamentally led by the fact that at TOP Hoteliers, we think and act like Hoteliers. Empathizing with the needs and wants of both clients and candidate makes good matches. TOP Hoteliers is equipped with a relevant hospitality background and relevant operational work experience in the industry, combined with international work & life experiences.

The importance of location and presence

As for many businesses, hotels & restaurants not in the least, a strong ingredient for success is Location-Location-Location. Being the first in China certainly plays to our advantage to fully understand the importance of geographical location, local market conditions and cultural differences when it comes to knowing who to recruit for where. Not only was TOP Hoteliers the first on-the-ground with offices & staff in China but also, and most probably, uncontested when it comes to the number of locations visited to familiarize ourselves with the industry & its players, as well as the length of years spent in China. Regularly visiting clients and candidates at location to familiarize oneself with their needs and to keep in touch with the market is 1 thing that sets TOP Hoteliers apart not only from agencies not based in Asia, but also against the many recruiters who rely on Internet and Social Media only, missing the personal touch to the field. The rest of Asia is now within our direct reach and immediate field of understanding the market needs also.

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Candidates are always contacted first to see if they are interested and available for a position we may have.

Every applicant will get a personal reply and will only be considered to enter our database after their details have been scrutinized.

Candidates will only be presented, with their permission, to 1 client at a time and will be kept informed about the success of their candidacy.

Upon receiving a request from our clients, and after checking if we have an existing agreement with this property, we will ensure that we have enough details about the job profile, salary description and property details before we start contacting potential candidates.

How we work

Over the course of a decade TOP Hoteliers built up an extensive database of over 15.000 local & international high quality hoteliers, who have entrusted their details to TOP Hoteliers, in order to be contacted for relevant opportunities. We do not head-hunt for candidates, but rely on our extensive network of hoteliers, who also regularly update us on their moves. In addition, staying in touch with them forms an important part of the network building and maintains the relevance of our candidate database.

Our clients

TOP Hoteliers recruits for international hotel & resort chains, small luxury boutique hotels, hotel owning companies, developers and leading local hotels, golf and private member clubs as well as top-end restaurant operators of restaurant/franchise organizations. Several hotel & hospitality related companies already have preferred agreements with TOP Hoteliers in place and in response to their needs, TOP Hoteliers will verify any enquiry before we start a search. We only work on direct assignment from our clients. Every job that we have, came to us by a direct request from a client, with full details on their requirements, salary budget and with an approved service agreement between us and the client to do executive searches on their behalf. Our fees are competitive and our terms & conditions in line with international standards, yet adept to the local market situation. In mainland China, we charge our fees in RMB (Chinese Yuan), with issue of ‘fa piao’. For Hong Kong & Macau our fees are charged in Hong Kong Dollars, for other areas in US Dollars or Euros. There are no charges for candidates to be presented to our clients.