TOP Hoteliers was founded in 2004 with its first office location in Shenzhen, China. This made us the first officially registered Executive Search Firm for Hoteliers in the People’s Republic of China.   (more)


TOP Hoteliers has a high degree of core values. We strive to be the most respected and recognized professional hospitality recruiters in Greater China.   (more)


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"I have to say this was the best decision which I have done since long time to join Aman Resorts. I really want to thank you for proposing me into this job. I wish you all the best in 2015"

TOP Hoteliers candidate since 2011, recruited for our client in June 2014

"I really, truly am so grateful for the amount of time that you are spending on me - it is no surprise why you have such a good reputation within the industry if you take so much time and offer so much advice to each of your clients - both those looking for a job, and those offering."

A candidate registered with TOP Hoteliers since 2004 - December 2014

"We work a lot with Rene Schillings of TOP Hoteliers. He is the best in Asia. We are very confident that we can manage China better and his company is a great partner in this."

Vice President Asia, of an American luxury hotels & resorts management company - December 2014


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